How to migrate data between Office 365 tenants

Available on-demand.

Join MVP Steve Goodman and Quadrotech’s Mike Weaver to learn how to migrate data between Office 365 tenants – and the gotchas you need to avoid.

If your organisation is going through a merger, acquisition or divestiture and you use Office 365, then you may need to migrate data from one Office 365 environment to another. Because Microsoft do not provide any built-in tools to do this, it can be a challenge to move mailboxes, OneDrive files, SharePoint sites or data stored in Microsoft Teams, Planner, Yammer and other services.

In this webinar, Steve Goodman will help you to understand the challenges all organisations face in this situation and share the gotchas you must watch out for. Joining Steve will be Mike Weaver, Director of Enterprise Migrations at Quadrotech. Mike is responsible for Quadrotech’s leading Cloud Commander product, and will share how the it accelerates migrations and the challenges it solves.

What you will learn from this webinar?

  • Understanding the challenges with Office 365 tenant to tenant migrations
  • Understanding how your data will be affected
  • How to tackle moving multiple mailboxes, OneDrive files and SharePoint sites
  • How to successfully move data stored in Office 365 Applications such as Teams, Planner and Yammer

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