Managing Office 365 across different geographies

A deeper look into Office 365 multi-geo

At Ignite, Microsoft announced multiple improvements to make it easier to manage Office 365 when you’ve got employees based all over the world. Beginning soon, you will be able to move your data closer to users’ locations for both their email and OneDrive for Business.

Big improvements have been made to the way Office 365 works on a global and regional scale to improve performance as well. There’s also some best-practices you should be performing to make sure that the performance your users experience with Office 365 is optimal, as when you manage Office 365 on a global scale, simple problems can result in terrible performance.

Content and Code have been working with customers who experienced these challenges – and even working with Microsoft on these preview programs. To determine why and when you need to split your Office 365 tenant across regions isn’t one determined about performance – although many people would assume it is. And, if you are wondering if connectivity problems are usually solved by implementing Office 365 ExpressRoute, you will be in for a pleasant surprised – the correct infrastructure is likely to provide better performance over the public internet.

What you will learn from this webinar?

  • Moving data closer to user locations in email and OneDrive for Business
  • Global and regional improvements to Office 365
  • Best practice hints and tips for optimal Office 365 performance on a global scale
In this webinar, we talk you through the different options available, and where it’s most appropriate to use them.