Is your organisation ready for remote working?

How to enable remote working with Teams

Does your organisation need support in adapting quickly to better home working and collaboration in light of global events?
This is your opportunity to ask our experts any questions you may have about how you can get your organisation working remotely and up and running inline with best practices.
We've put this webinar together to help you and your teams understand how to get up and running quickly with Microsoft Teams - ensuring your business can continue to run effectively as working locations need to change.
What will we cover:
We'll be here to show you how your organisation can utilise Teams, with the ability to have group chat/instant messaging, voice and video calls, and effective document sharing and co-authoring - ensuring meetings continue to run well, projects and processes operate smoothly, and the impact on your organisation is reduced.
This is the first of a series of sessions we'll be delivering around Microsoft Teams and Remote Working.
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Do you have specific questions you want answered?

Please feel free as us any questions that you may have around remote working, or Microsoft Teams.


We'll be running weekly sessions on a Thursday and content for that session will be shaped around specific remote working scenarios.


Sign up via this form and you'll be sent a registration link for the Live Session. If you can't make the time, we'll send you a copy.



Download webinar here