The Role of the Intranet in 2018

What would a modern intranet look like at your company?

With an increasingly mobile world - runaway technological advances and huge shifts in the way companies are working, the traditional approach to intranet design and deployment feels increasingly irrelevant to the needs and requirements of modern work.

When intranets first became popular, they were fairly simple affairs. Typically, they provided a company home page with access to some news, procedures and HR forms. Over time, this evolved to include a growing number of features. In this eBook, we explore the latest features every modern intranet should have. 

What you will learn from this eBook:

  • How employees interact with an intranet?
  • Collaboration advancements in modern intranets vs. traditional intranets
  • The role of internal communications within a modern intranet
  • Advancements in mobile working 
  • How to effectively use enterprise social networking to drive engagement
The role of the Intranet in 2018