Build a convincing business case for your Intranet

eBook and Template included

Are you ready to update your intranet? At the start of any project we advise compiling a business case. A business case needs to be well researched, impartial and balanced, meaning the company as a whole can make a fair and informed decision about whether a new initiative – such as an Intranet – is right for your company.

Why use a business case?

A business case document is an essential part of due diligence when it comes to deploying a new intranet at your organisation. It ensures you have considered the implications of introducing the platform, that you have the correct budget and that the tool will fit your specific needs. A good business case document will analyse the needs of your organisation objectively, while also making an argument for the new initiative

What you will learn from this guide:

  • Strategy: background about the project
  • Benefits: why is the project needed, what are the objectives?
  • Budget: costs, investments, funding
  • Options: research and weigh up the different options available, is there a preference?
  • Risks: examine the possible risks and impacts
  • Timescales: a summary of outputs and teams involved