Microsoft Teams: The definitive guide for 2018

Rollout to adoption

Microsoft have developed Teams to tackle the universal issue of communication faced by every business. Employees are working more flexibly than ever, and Microsoft Teams is the tool to support this era of flexibility and information exchange most coherently. 

This guide will explore the benefits of deploying Microsoft Teams across your organisation, and highlight when it should be used and what for. It will also provide a short guide for business leaders on tips and best practice for making sure a Teams rollout is efficient and adoption high.

What you will learn from this free guide:

  • What is Teams and it's background
  • What's happening with Skype for Business
  • How to get the best of Office 365 and Teams 
  • What makes Teams so special, useful and what you can do with it
  • How does Teams measure up to Slack? 
  • Driving adoption with Microsoft Teams
  • Best practice tips for using Teams