Getting the most from the modern workplace culture

The workplace has always had several core components: things like a physical location for employees or the tools and equipment necessary for the work being done. Over time, these core components evolved with both societal change and the technology available. In the past, workers were expected to be physically present in an office, because that’s where their equipment was. Before the rise of the cloud, they were also tied to their desks because of on-premises software. Getting work done was entirely contingent on being in the office – but that isn’t the case anymore.

Cloud-based software has transformed the way we work. Having access to your organisation’s business-critical information and tools from any device enables more effective and flexible working. Organisations are increasingly taking advantage.

What you will learn from this eBook:

  • How technology has transformed the concept of the office

  • Embracing Microsoft 365

  • The modern digital workplace

  • A smooth transition with Content and Code