4-step guide to embedding change and ensuring Office 365 adoption success

When it comes to enterprise software, there is often a gulf between the ‘ideal scenario’ of that software and the reality you experience when using it. Office 365 is one of a new generation of cloud-based enterprise productivity platforms. It provides users with a wide range of tools, while promising ‘anytime, anywhere’ communication and collaboration.

However, despite the fact that the suite of tools included in Office 365 is extremely capable, many organisations still struggle to get their employees to make good use of them.

This FREE guide will explore what the barriers to Office 365 adoption are, then provide four simple steps you can follow to dramatically increase usage and adoption rates within your organisation.

What you will learn from this guide:

  • Are you getting ROI from your Office 365 investment?
  • Why don’t employees use all the tools in Office 365?
  • Prosci(C)’s ADKAR model for change management
  • The 4 steps needed for Office 365 adoption